Thursday Doors: Limoges (encore)

After the modern automatic doors at Limoges’ railway station a few weeks ago, here is something much older from the city’s medieval quarter, very close to the Cathedral of St. Étienne. It’s obviously a bespoke job.


Thursday Doors 31 March 2016

Cour du Temple

In the old part of the city of Limoges, tucked away behind the tall façade of a terrace of buildings that are themselves quite old, is the Cour du Temple. Reached through a narrow, sloping covered passage, this is a small cloister surrounded on all sides by medieval buildings four or five storeys high. This is one corner:


[Taken more than one, but less than two, weeks ago so hopefully qualifying for Cee’s latest challenge – taking a new photo]

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Take A New Photo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony

On paper, the juxtaposition of this medieval stair-tower (in Chartres) with the modern-day aspect of the attached house shouldn’t really work, but personally I thonk it forms ‘a pleasing and consistent whole’ – in other words, ‘harmony’.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony