Thursday Doors: Oradour-sur-Glane

There is a story behind this week’s post for Thursday Doors and it’s not a pleasant one. This was taken in Oradour-sur-Glane. It’s about twenty miles from here and in June 1944 over 600 of its residents were massacred by a detachment of SS troops, as a ‘reprisal’. The site is now a national monument and has deliberately been left exactly as it was. A grim reminder, indeed, but also a very powerful one.


Thursday Doors 5 May 2016

Thursday Doors: Chartres (encore)

This week’s contribution was actually inspired by last week’s post from Geriatri’x’ Fotogallery, which showed a range of open doors. After all, who said the door had to be closed?

And who said you had to be looking in? This is one of the big doors  of Chartres Cathedral, looking out to some of the exterior stonework. Given the high contrast between light and dark, getting a worthwhile image certainly put Lightroom through its paces, but I think it was worth the effort.


Thursday Doors 28 April 2016

Thursday Doors: Emily’s Henhouse

Emily, our nearest neighbour, keeps some chickens on a little plot just across the road from her house. They spend the day foraging around the patch of ground, but at night they’re shut up in this old building with doors that, it’s fair to say, have seen better days – although not for quite a while.


Thursday Doors 21 April 2016

Thursday Doors: Potting Shed

The back wall of our laverie (we use it as a utility room) is supported by a buttress. Our very clever builders used this to create a potting shed for Madame; they also made this nice little door for it.


Thursday Doors 14 April 2016

Thursday Doors: Rochechouart

The town of Rochechouart is dominated by its medieval Chateau. It has a cloister, in one corner of which are these intriguing doors (and unusual ‘candy cane’ columns).


Thursday Doors 7 April 2016

Thursday Doors: Limoges (encore)

After the modern automatic doors at Limoges’ railway station a few weeks ago, here is something much older from the city’s medieval quarter, very close to the Cathedral of St. Étienne. It’s obviously a bespoke job.


Thursday Doors 31 March 2016

Thursday Doors: Abu Dhabi (again)

My earlier posting of a door in Abu Dhabi was uncompromisingly modern. This one, however is not so much a door as a still-life with bicycle. This irresistible combination was found down by the water in one of the older parts of the city.


Thursday Doors 24 March 2016