Thursday Doors: Potting Shed

The back wall of our laverie (we use it as a utility room) is supported by a buttress. Our very clever builders used this to create a potting shed for Madame; they also made this nice little door for it.


Thursday Doors 14 April 2016

Thursday Doors: Rochechouart

The town of Rochechouart is dominated by its medieval Chateau. It has a cloister, in one corner of which are these intriguing doors (and unusual ‘candy cane’ columns).


Thursday Doors 7 April 2016

Thursday Doors: Limoges (encore)

After the modern automatic doors at Limoges’ railway station a few weeks ago, here is something much older from the city’s medieval quarter, very close to the Cathedral of St. Étienne. It’s obviously a bespoke job.


Thursday Doors 31 March 2016

Thursday Doors: Abu Dhabi (again)

My earlier posting of a door in Abu Dhabi was uncompromisingly modern. This one, however is not so much a door as a still-life with bicycle. This irresistible combination was found down by the water in one of the older parts of the city.


Thursday Doors 24 March 2016

Thursday Doors: Epernay

Épernay is, after Reims, the principal town of the Champagne region of France – and well worth a visit. When we went, a couple of years ago, we stayed at a hotel that had been converted from a grand house that had probably once belonged to a wealthy wine merchant. This was the imposing entrance:


Thursday Doors 17 March 2016

Thursday Doors: Dubai

Think of Dubai and you probably have images of mile upon mile of glass-plated towers. That’s mostly accurate, it has to be said; however, there is still a small part of the old city that gives an idea of what it must have been like before the oil began to flow. It’s the al-Bastakiya area, just by the Creek, where it’s possible to see restored traditional buildings – and their doors:



Not only do I have a photographic record of this piece of history, but Madame – whose talents are boundless – has also made a wall-hanging, which currently adorns our TV room:


Thursday Doors 11 March 2016

Thursday Doors: Limoges

Our nearest city is Limoges, the capital of the Haute-Vienne département. Not surprisingly, it has a major railway station, the Gâre des Bénédictins. The current structure was built in the late 1920s and, according to Wikipedia, has been named the most beautiful rail station in Europe.

It boasts an impressive clock-tower, a large dome over the main hall and stained-glass windows. These certainly help to lift the necessarily utilitarian features of the building a little out of the ordinary, as in this otherwise unremarkable side-door (the exit to the car-park)


Thursday Doors 3 March 2016