Retired now, living very contentedly in the depths of the French countryside, I’ve realised that Parkinson’s Law applies to photography just as it does to work: it expands to fill the time available for its completion. And everyone should have a hobby.

This is what the self-styled ‘only deadhead in the hameau’ gets up to when he’s devoid of inspiration – which is most of the time – for the written musings on his original site. Please feel free to go and have a look, however. Some of it isn’t that bad.


16 Comments on “About

  1. You are right about photography being more noticed. recently I separated my photography from writing blog too :). I loved your quick look ‘about me’ in the other blog.It’s very sweet and funny.The posts have a different ideas,will give a closer read very soon.Coming to this blog,some very spectacular photos !

  2. I’ve just came here form ‘weekly photo challenge’ and have to say… You’ve got some interesting pictures/photos… more unusual ones, which I prefer the most 🙂 Have a great week ahead, Swav

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