Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

The first time we visited Muscat, in Oman, we went on a sunset cruise, so this was a new horizon for us at the time.



Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

Treasure Chest

A few weeks ago, I was taking photographs of various items about the house as a response to a macro challenge hosted by Susan at Musion’ With Susan. The idea was to use a macro lens for non-macro subjects.

One of my chosen subjects was this highly decorated wooden chest that we bought while living in Abu Dhabi, and which now sits on top of one of our bookcases. The wood is black and the metalwork is silver (silver-coloured, that is), so it wasn’t a great stretch to edit it as a monochrome image.

It is definitely made by hand, so fits the brief for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week.





Thursday Doors: Haddington Part 2

As foreshadowed last week, some of the shop and other commercial doors that can be found in the East Lothian market town of Haddington

This one’s hard to miss:


And I particularly like this door set into the corner of the building:


An old building that’s seen rather better days. I derive no reassurance whatsoever from the message on the door:


A rather more modern – although still dated – shopfront:


The local estate agencies don’t stint themselves when it comes to imposing doorways:



Thursday Doors 8 December 2016

Tuesdays of Texture: Abra

By far the best way to cross from one side of Dubai Creek to the other is on one of the little passenger boats called abras (think motorised gondolas). This one was tied up on the Deira side.


Tuesdays of Texture

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 18 – Freedom

This week’s theme of ‘Freedom’ is encapsulated, I think, in this image of my grandson on a zipline in the play area of the Beecraigs Country Park just outside Linlithgow in Scotland. He was happy to be doing it and I was happy that my attempt at a panning shot, blurring the background (a little), kind of worked.


52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 18 – Freedom

Mundane? The Watchman’s Hut

Another entry for Mundane Mondays hosted by PhoTrablogger. I took this photograph a few years ago in Abu Dhabi. At the entrancee to a building site on one of the back roads close to where we lived, this otherwise nondescript hut had been cobbled together from odd pieces of plywood and corrugated iron. They obviously didn’t do Portakabins.


Mundane Monday

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

A market porter takes a moment to relax outside the souq in Dubai.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax