Tuesdays of Texture: Gargoyle

This gargoyle – I believe it’s in the form of a griffin – sits looking out from the roof of Chateau de Meillant, in central France. (Incidentally, I haven’t edited the colour of the sky at all – it really was that bright.)

Tuesdays of Texture 18 July 2017

Tuesdays of Texture: Fruit Salad

On the outskirts of Limoges, a forty-minute drive from here, is a shopping centre which has a branch of ‘Grand Frais’ (literally ‘big fresh’). Here it’s possible to buy fruit and vegetables of more exotic origins than are generally available in supermarkets.

Tuesdays of Texture 4 July 2017

Tuesdays of Texture: Moss

This moss-covered stone can be found in the grounds of the impressisive Chateau du Meillant, in central France.

Tuesdays of Texture: Moss

Tuesdays of Texture: Sheep-shearing

At last month’s Fête de la Laine, a local farmer gave a demonstration of the art of tonte – sheep-shearing. As the temeperature was over 30°C, I don’t suppose this ewe minded too much.

Tuesdays of Texture 20 June 2017

Tuesdays of Texture: Where clogs come from

Often to be seen at the vide-greniers and miscellaneous Fêtes around here is an artisan who makes wooden clogs in the traditional manner – hand-turned on a lathe. This is his raw material.

Tuesdays of Texture 13 June 2017

Tuesdays of Texture: Woolly

In response to overwhelming public demand – by which I mean a kind comment left by Narami on a previous post – here are a couple more images from the recent Fête de la Laine in nearby Saint-Martial-sur-Isop.

Tuesdays of Texture 6 June 2017

Tuesdays of Texture: Staircase

I think there could be some Health & Safety issues about this ancient staircase in the nearby village of Saint-Martial-sur-Isop. All very well to admire the textures, but you wouldn’t get me up there.

Tuesdays of Texture 30 May 2017