Thursday Doors: Nouic

(We had no internet connection for five days last week, so I’m afraid you’ve had to wait a bit longer for your next dose of doors from the depths of the French countryside.)

The village – and commune – of Nouic could be described as ‘the next one along’ from our home base of Mézières-sur-Issoire, about a ten-minute drive in a generally southerly direction.

Even its greatest proponents would be hard-pressed to argue that, architecturally, there’s anything special about it (you could say the same for Mézières, in all honesty), but over the next couple of weeks or so, I can at least demonstrate that it’s got some interesting doors.

I read somewhere that the official distinction between a village and a hamlet is that the former has a church – which Nouic indeed does:

More informally, any self-respecting French village also has to have a hairdressers’, so that ticks another box. (Mézières has two. Just sayin’.)

In my personal opinion, however, this is the most striking building in Nouic:

Although most are much more prosaic, even if you can get two for the price of one in some cases:

More from Nouic next week.

Thursday Doors 14 June 2018

Thursday Doors: Encore Cahors (5)

And still they come….

Yet more from Cahors. When I first posted some doors from this medieval town, I commented on the carving that many of them displayed. Like these:

You can’t go wrong with a door-within-a-door…

Or just go full tatty:

There are still a few more doors to come from Cahors, but for the next few weeks we’ll be rather closer to home, at a new Thursday Doors destination.

Thursday Doors 31 May 2018

Thursday Doors: Encore Cahors (4)

The waiting is over….here’s another selection of the doors of Cahors, beginning with two gloriously tatty sets of double doors:

And another, in rather better condition (includes free reflection of author: you’re welcome).

And some single doors, in various stages of neglect:

More next week, then we’ll break off for a new destination.

Thursday Doors 24 May 2018

Thursday Doors: Eglise de St Pierre, Limoges

Now, I know you’re all desperate for another set of doors from Cahors – and you will get them soon. However, if only to heighten that delicious sense of anticipation, this week a one-off set of images from the church of St Pierre in the city of Limoges.

I came across this serendipitously, on our way to a quilting and photography exhibition in a building on the opposite side of the eponymous Place, but I thought it was worth pulling out my old iPhone and capturing this set of freshly-painted church doors:

Back to Cahors next week. Maybe.

Thursday Doors 17 May 2018

Thursday Doors: Poitiers (2)

This week, a second (and final – for now, at any rate) instalment of doors from the city of Poitiers.

I didn’t realise until I was putting this post together that all these images contain decorative ironwork of some description. There: a theme.

This first one is all about the ironwork:

And it features quite prominently here too:

Less obvious in these examples but still there if you care to look:

This door has been cut down to size at some point:

Finally, as blue doors always seem to be popular here:

Thursday Doors 10 May 2018

Thursday Doors: Poitiers (1)

The city of Poitiers is just over an hour’s drive north of here and is the administrative centre of the Vienne département. It is an old place – the English army defeated the French here in 1314 (having passed within just a few miles of Tranquility Base on their way up from Bordeaux).

This may explain why there isn’t a huge amount of the original town left. However, there are plenty of solid and worthy 19th century bâtiments in the centre – with, of course, their matching solid and worthy doors.

Such as these:

These two doors are neighbours:

Not all these examples are quite so grand:

And, to finish, a pair:

More from Poitiers next week.

Thursday Doors 3 May 2018

Thursday Doors: Encore Cahors (3)

The gift that keeps on giving…

Another selection of the myriad doors of the town of Cahors. I ended last week with the observation that the predominant colour of the doors was – not really surprisingly – brown. Like these:

Bored yet? How about a bit of white relief, as it were:

Or even some anarchic blue:

And finally something quite different. This shop-front – a former boulangerie – is quite readable:

There are still a fair few doors to come from Cahors (and I’m saving some of the best ’til last), but for the next couple of weeks we’ll be in the city of Poitiers.

Thursday Doors 26 April 2018