Thursday Doors: Asnieres-sur-Blour (2)

Another set of doors from the nearby village of Asnières-sur-Blour.

This may be only a small door, but it has character to spare:

The next three images are all of the same building:

I suspect that this door doesn’t get much use:

Although these definitely do:

Thursday Doors 30 August 2018

Thursday Doors: Asnieres-sur-Blour

The village of Asnières-sur-Blour is yet another of those little rural communities that can be found within a fifteen-minute drive of Tranquility Base.

I was there last week, primarily to take photographs of old tractors (you can only envy me) for a project I’m working on currently. However, as so often happens, the doors proved a lot more interesting than the agricultural machinery, as we’ll see here over the next couple of weeks.

Just to confirm where we are:

Doors like these – on buildings used to accommodate farm animals – are a common local feature and similar ones have appeared here before:

Just across the road from those old things is a new house (well, the cladding at least is new) but with this older door in it:

It’s not always possible to get up close and personal with the doors you might want to capture for posterity, so finally for this week here are a couple of images snatched through a fence:

Thursday Doors 23 August 2018

Thursday Doors: Beverley (again)

After last week’s little tour of the village of Cherry Burton, we are back in the nearby market town of Beverley again for a few more interesting doors.

And none more interesting than this – North Bar, the last remaining of the medieval gates to the walled town. To give an idea of scale, you could easily step through that door within a door. Of course, they don’t close it at nights anymore. Just as well: the implications for traffic would be horrendous.

Just outside the North Bar there are a number of very grand old houses, with equally grand doors:

Thursday Doors 16 August 2018

Thursday Doors: Cherry Burton

Cherry Burton is a small village just outside Beverley, in East Yorkshire. My daughter and her family live there.

It’s far enough away from town to have something of a rural feel, although there are modern developments on either side of the road that runs through the centre of the village, where the oldest buildings, and most interesting doors, are to be found.

Any village with an ounce of self-respect needs a Village Hall:

The oldest residential buildings have a late Georgian/early Victorian feel to them:

Although there are some interesting exceptions:

And finally, for something completely different, here’s my son-in-law’s parents’ garden shed:

Thursday Doors 9 August 2018

Thursday Doors: Alençon

Only one door for your delectation this time. This is for various reasons, not the least of which is my own dumbness for thinking that Norm’s summer hiatus started this week rather than next.

However, I think it’s fair to say that it’s an absolute humdinger. This is the main entrance of the now abandoned, not-quite-derelict Hotel Grand Cerf (cerf = deer) in the town of Alençon, in Normandy.

They just don’t make them like this any more.

Thursday Doors 19 July 2018

Thursday Doors: Villandry

Adjacent to the mightily impressive Chateau de Villandry, in the Loire Valley, are the petrified caves (‘grottes’), which have been a local tourist attraction for many years (not recommended for claustrophobes though).

The current visitor centre is comparatively modern, but there remain a few vestiges from earlier years, including these various doors:

Thursday Doors 12 July 2018

Thursday Doors: Nouic (3)

A final instalment of doors from the neighbouring village of Nouic.

One can only hazard a guess as to the original purpose of the small building with the green door:

More double doors that have seen better days:

But don’t get the impression that all the doors in Nouic are falling apart:

Even if it does seem to be the exception rather than the rule:

Door of the week? This one, probably:

Thursday Doors 5 July 2018