Thursday Doors: Perigueux

Another selection of old doors from the town of Perigueux. Mostly brown, of course, but not this first – comparatively unusual – specimen:

But normal service is soon resumed, with these satisfyingly tatty specimens:

Most old doors aren’t completely straight or rectangulat, but this one takes it a bit far:

And finally double bonus points for two doors within doors:

Thursday Doors 6 December 2018

Thursday Doors: Perigueux again

Continuing with the second tranche of the doors of Perigueux, here are some more old brown ones:

…of which this is a shockingly neglected example, albeit with a rather grand surround:

But why settle for one door when you can have two:

Some doors are better preserved than others, of course:

…and some aren’t even brown:

More from Perigueux next week, then it’s time for another little mini-break.

Thursday Doors 29 November 2018

Thursday Doors: More From Perigueux

After the last few weeks’ diversions, we’re back to the town of Perigueuex in the Dordogne for another selection of doors from its medieval centre.

To begin with, two doors for the price of one, with a nice juxtaposition of old and new:

And here are a couple more doors with some colour to them:

But it remains the case that most doors are just plain brown – even this comparatively modern one:

As well as these older examples:

Thursday Doors 22 November 2018

Thursday Doors: Mezieres-sur-Issoire (Finale)

This week we have what are, to the best of my knowledge, the last few photogenic doors in the local village of Mézières-sur-Issoire

Last week’s post ended with the door at 1 Rue du Lavoir. Here are some more doors from the same little street:

In rather better condition is this shed door, to be found on the main road:

And finally, just to prove that we’re all out of doors, an impressively weatherbeaten pair of shutters (big enough to be a door)

Thursday Doors 15 November 2018

Thursday Doors: Mezieres-sur-Issoire (encore)

A couple of weeks ago saw the annual ‘Expo’ of arts and ‘passions’ in our local village. As in previous years, Madame dispalyed some of her quilts, to widespread approbation, while I stuck up a few photographs for people to walk past without noticing.

Once again, I took the opportunity after lunch to go for a wander around parts of the village that are off the beaten track and managed to find a few doors (enough for this week and next, at any rate) that I had somehow missed in previous years.

This first one is actually on the main road, but down at ground level I’d not noticed it before.

The next few doors were along a road that leads out of town into the countryside.

This one is particularly interesting – if you like that kind of thing – as it’s clear from the surrounding stonework that it’s been repurposed at least twice in its history:

Back in the centre of the village is a little lane, Rue du Lavoir (Laundry Street), that few would venture along without a specific purpose – or the need to feed the insatiable Doors monster:

Thursday Doors 8 November 2018

Thursday Doors: Chabanais Revisited

Taking a break from the treasures of Perigueux, I recently revisited the nearby (40 minute drive) town of Chabanais, which was featured here about a year ago. I managed to discover a few more interesting doors.

After last week’s diet of exclusively brown doors, here, by way of a change, are a couple of green ones:

And a white one, with some interesting metalwork:

This one’s back to brown, but also has the redeeming feature of metalwork:

While this one also has a weathered shutter to enjoy:

But here’s my favourite from this week’s selection, spotted through a broken window in a derelict house:

Thursday Doors 1 November 2018

Thursday Doors: Perigueux (3)

Another instalment of the doors of Perigueux for this week. Just in case the colourful ones from the last couple of weeks have raised the blood pressure too much, the common theme of this instalment is that they’re all – brown.

Usually I focus in quite closely on the door itself, but I thought that this gives an idea of the narrow streets in which most of these examples are to be found:

And here’s another example of a doorway having been inserted into a previously existing archway – with room to spare:

More old brown doors:

Not quite so old, but at least as tatty:

Although this is my favourite for this week, with the glass and ironwork, and a faded curtain adding further interest:

Still plenty more to come from Perigueux, but for the next couple of weeks we’ll be revisiting some other haunts for previously unseen doors.

Thursday Doors 25 October 2018