Thursday Doors: Chabanais – Double doors: and more

This week’s instalment of the doors of Chabanais has something of a theme in that it features exclusively double, or even multiple, doors.

Even something as prosaic as a garage can be accessorised with some curtains:

Or even some ornate decoration on the roofline:

Garages aren’t necessarily for just one vehicle, however:

Follow the signs for the public conveniences, though, and you’ll be in for a disappointment:

Finally, an old workshop:

Thursday Doors 14 November 2019

7 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Chabanais – Double doors: and more

  1. These doors are quite interesting, very much follow your theme, and somehow pair well with the cold day I am having here. The first doors stand out for some reason and are my favorite! The curtains remind me of a tartan kilt and this fabric against the aged red door is pleasing.

  2. My favorite in your series was the red brick with the green doors. Am still weighing if it is the door or the little house that i like most:) Have a great weekend.

  3. The ones with the curtains fascinate me, especially the choice of curtains in the second one. They look like the rag rugs people sometimes braid here. I guess you’d better not need the public facilities here, though!!


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