Thursday Doors – St Junien revisited

Recently we’ve had to spend some time at the hospital in the nearby town of St-Junien.

It’s a comparatively modern place, although it replaced an adjacent much older and smaller institution:

It’s on the outskirts of the town but is surrounded by old houses, some of which boast rather interesting – in a decrepit kind of way – doors:

and gates…:

Some are better looked after than others:

But for a demonstration of what it means to be houseproud, it’s tough to beat the lace curtains on this garage:

Thursday Doors 9 January 2020

5 Comments on “Thursday Doors – St Junien revisited

  1. Welcome back and Happy 2020 to you đŸ™‚
    The door in the second shot is my favourite from this batch of worn and weathered beauties.

  2. Hard to say which I like the best. Although they’d look ridiculous here, the shabby doors here and that I’ve so often seen in France look perfectly fine there with the old/older buildings. Happy 2020.


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