Thursday Doors: If it’s Thursday it must be Perigueux – again

I promise faithfully that there will come an end to this steady stream of doors from the town of Perigueux, in south-west France.

But not this week…or next week, come to that.

However, in the interests of balanced reporting, this time we feature three arched doors and three rectangular ones, all with their individual character, I’d venture to say.

Starting with the arched doors, this one seems to be looking straight back at me:

Whereas this one just looks put upon and generally world-weary:

while this one just seems denied of any basic respect:

Those doors with squarer shoulders fare a little better:

but not much:

Nice, finally, to see one ready to stand up to the challenge:

Thursday Doors 29 August 2019

7 Comments on “Thursday Doors: If it’s Thursday it must be Perigueux – again

  1. In your second photo I can almost imagine the tiny structures at the lower left and right of the door to be mini doors…a trifecta!

  2. I always enjoy your choices. In about half a month I’ll be collecting French doors again, too, although in a completely different part of the country. πŸ™‚


  3. Kind of like a strange door, eh? The blue one, with the little eye-holes. The final brown is very pretty…! Great post:)

  4. Please feel free to keep showing me doors from this wonderful place for as long as you want. It truly seems like a goldmine of both old-style beauty and some decay through age and neglect. That just makes it easier to appreciate the ones that are so well-maintained πŸ™‚

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