Thursday Doors: Chabanais – the old railway station

I recently revisited the town of Chabanais in the Charente departement. There have been a few posts of doors from there in past years, but – to my pleasant surprise – this time I found, by striking out in a different direction, previously unexplored areas with plenty to offer fro this weekly challenge.

I didn’t even know that Chabanais had a gâre – railway station. Well it does, although it doesn’t actually have any trains: the replacement buses leave from just outside.

With the station building itself now permanently closed, the exterior is starting to show the signs of neglect…

…even those on the more sheltered side:

Thursday Doors 17 October 2019

8 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Chabanais – the old railway station

    • I think it occupies a strange limbo between the two. There are no trains, just replacement buses (very common in rural France), so no need for the building to be open, so it’s not ‘in use’, but it couldn’t really be said to be completely ‘abandoned’.

  1. Great shots of the onset of the decay due to neglect.
    Yes if they don’t find some other purpose for the building soon it won’t be long before Mother Nature reclaims the space.

  2. You found a great subject to find doors, where I never thought of – railway stations! Many doors, and the outside blue ones, aren’t too shabby!

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