Thursday Doors: Bussière-Poitevine (2)

This week, another instalment of characterful doors from the nearby village of Bussière-Poitevine.

Apart from this first one, which careful readers will spot immediately is, in fact, a well-rusted gate.

During my doorscursion wander around Bussière I came across a little street that was cordoned off at each end. Naturally, I stepped over the tape and went to see what the fuss was all about.

The notice on the first door was posted by the local Mairie and advises that the building is in a dangerous, structurally unsound, state and calls on the registered owner (who has an address some distance away from this area) to do something about it within three months. It’s dated about six months ago.

Next door is what may once have been a shop:

In rather better condition are these two neighbouring  town houses in a little square:

However, my clear favourite from this batch is this unusually designed green door on the opposite corner of the same square. My best guess is that this used to be a pigsty.

Thursday Doors 19 September 2019

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