Needing A Lick Of Paint

A few miles outside the town of Beverley, in Yorkshire, is this entrance to an old house standing in its own grounds.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Fences & Gates

‘We value our privacy’

They like to keep themselves to themselves in Chabanais:

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Fences & Gates

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Portal

What lies beyond this mysterious gate in Perigueux?

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Portal

Thursday Doors: Blond revisited

Last weekend we went to a ‘brocante’ (an antiques fair, although in reality it’s more like a car-boot sale with ideas above its station) in the nearby village of Blond. There wasn’t a great deal of interest on the stalls, but I did spot a few more doors that I had missed on previous forays.

This first one is nice enough…

…although the one right next to it is far more interesting:

It’s quite common to see matching doors and shutters on houses in rural France, although usually in rather brighter colours than in this instance:

At this time of year wisteria is flowering everywhere, which provides an attractive counterpoint to many photographic subjects. Even gates…

…and unkempt shutters:

Thursday Doors 25 April 2019

Thursday Doors: Nouic Gates

As promised, this week a selection of gates from the nearby village of Nouic.

A little poignant, this first one. That car has been sitting behind those rusting gates since before we moved to this area almost six years ago.

Next, two nicely matched gates from another empty house – although this one has just been occupied again.

A similar, if rather plainer, gate from just along the road:

And finally, two rather grander sets of gates from the area around the church:

Thursday Doors 28 June 2018

Thursday Doors: Oradour-sur Glane (2)

As noted last week, there are solid reasons why there aren’t very many actual doors left in Oradour-sur-Glane, but the gates have stood the test of time rather more succesfully. Here’s a selection.

Thursday Doors 21 September 2017

Thursday Doors: Gates of St-Barbant and St-Martial

As promised last week, here is a final collection of images from the conjoined villages of Saint-Barbant and Saint-Martial-sur-Isop, focussing – just for a change – on gates.

Or rather, in this case, gateposts:

An unusually long and well cared-for example:

And it’s nice to see that the cemetery is looked after:

But oh dear…

Next week, something rather different: a restored Cistercian Abbey.

Thursday Doors 6 July 2017

Thursday Doors: Confolens gates

To leaven the weekly diet of doors, here are a few of the interesting gates that the Charente town of Confolens has to offer, in ascending order of impressiveness.

A symphony in green:


My personal favourite – a study in symmetry:


This grand looking edifice is just behind the church:


And here are the gates of the Hotel de Ville (Town Hall). It was just after taking this photograph that my doorscursion was cut short by an unexpected collision with the pavement outside the Market Hall, in the same square.


Thursday Doors 16 March 2017

Thursday Doors: St Junien (2) – Colour

Last week’s initial instalment of the doors of St Junien were, with one exception, a pretty drab bunch (unless you happen to be a big fan of brown, of course), so this week I thought I’d feature some more colourful examples:


Even if the colour isn’t necessarily to your taste, someone is clearly making an effort…


…no matter how narrow the door you have to work with:


Next, a couple of more faded examples:



And just for a change, to finish this week a set of gates:


Thursday Doors 9 February 2017

Thursday Doors: Mezieres-sur-Issoire – the gates

As promised, this week we feature some of the more interesting gates to be found in our local village of Mézières-sur-Issoire.

You’d expect the grander houses to have gates and indeed they mostly do, like this rather commanding set:


although personally, I found this next set more interesting. I particularly liked the way that the autumn leaves wrapped themselves around the gatepost.


Whereas those two examples are a bit off the beaten track, the gates below are on the main road, and at least you can see the house that sits behind them (the architecture is quite typical of the maisons de mâitre around here):


Notice also that those gates and railings could do with a lick of paint. As indeed could the long-unused gate at the corner of the garden of the same property:


…or this one in front of a much smaller terraced house a little further along the street:


And, of course, gates don’t always have to belong to houses – or even lead anywhere:


Thursday Doors 24 November 2016