Thursday Doors: Blond revisited

Last weekend we went to a ‘brocante’ (an antiques fair, although in reality it’s more like a car-boot sale with ideas above its station) in the nearby village of Blond. There wasn’t a great deal of interest on the stalls, but I did spot a few more doors that I had missed on previous forays.

This first one is nice enough…

…although the one right next to it is far more interesting:

It’s quite common to see matching doors and shutters on houses in rural France, although usually in rather brighter colours than in this instance:

At this time of year wisteria is flowering everywhere, which provides an attractive counterpoint to many photographic subjects. Even gates…

…and unkempt shutters:

Thursday Doors 25 April 2019

5 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Blond revisited

  1. Wow, the wisteria – phenomenal blooms! Even though it looks abandoned, I also love your second capture very much. Haven’t seen your blog for a while – hope you are doing okay!

  2. Love the wisteria…and everything else. It reminds me so much of the part of France where I visit (and will be visiting again in July.) 🙂


  3. Such pretty doors. The shot of the gray one with all those shutters is classic small old country town.
    The blooming flowers bring warm thoughts of spring 🙂

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