Chicken Run

Cee’s CMMC Challenge this week is looking for a subject that contains either ‘Ch’ or ‘ck’ in the title.

The obvious answer, ticking both boxes, is ‘chicken’, so here’s a photograph taken at the annual Christmas Fair in the nearby village of Blond. The USP of this particular event is – or was, at any rate before Covid-19 (and a prior outbreak of Avian ‘Flu) the racing chickens.

Actually, the whole event is called the ‘Foire Aux Chapons’ – the Capon Fair. Capons are sterilised male chickens; they tend to be larger (and probably grumpier) than ordinary ones and a group of them is raced, if that’s the word (‘ushered’ is probably more like it), down the main street, amid scenes of overwhelming excitement. It’s like nothing so much as curling, but with poultry.

This is the aftermath of the race, as the runners and riders, so to speak, are ushered into their coop.

CMMC 24 March 2021: Must contain Ch or ck

The wide blue yonder

A stunt aeroplane goes through its aerobatic paces at the annual (but not this year, obviously) Estevol air show at Blond.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Planes

Monday Window: Blond

Any village around here worth its salt has a medieval church, but the one at Blond – which, unusually, is fortified – is one of the more impressive. Note the thickness of the walls.

#MondayWindow 11 May 2020




K is for kite

Something involving the letter K is Cee’s Fun Foto prompt for this week, so here is a very large kite that was flying at the annual ‘Estevol’ airshow last summer.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Featuring the letter K

Box Kite

Cee’s theme for her Black & White Challenge this week is ‘anything that flies’.

That would certainly include this elaborate box kite, seen at the annual ‘Estevol’ air show at nearby Blond.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Anything that flies

Thursday Doors: Blond revisited

Last weekend we went to a ‘brocante’ (an antiques fair, although in reality it’s more like a car-boot sale with ideas above its station) in the nearby village of Blond. There wasn’t a great deal of interest on the stalls, but I did spot a few more doors that I had missed on previous forays.

This first one is nice enough…

…although the one right next to it is far more interesting:

It’s quite common to see matching doors and shutters on houses in rural France, although usually in rather brighter colours than in this instance:

At this time of year wisteria is flowering everywhere, which provides an attractive counterpoint to many photographic subjects. Even gates…

…and unkempt shutters:

Thursday Doors 25 April 2019

Not your average windsock

For this week’s Fun ‘Foto’ Challenge, Cee wants to see at least four colours of the rainbow. This windsock with a full rainbow of colours was seen at the annual Air Show at nearby Blond.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow

Thursday Doors: Blond (2)

Back from the holiday break with a second selection of doors from the nearby village of Blond.

These first two are actually in the same bâtiment, but I think deserve separate consideration:

This next door perhaps isn’t so interesting in itself, but I’ve never seen a building with so many pinions holding it together. We have one, which prevents our front wall falling off, but this….

And then there’s this. Note how the lintel on the smaller door is not the original:

The final contribution from Blond. I’m assuming that this is unoccupied, but you can’t always be sure:

Thursday Doors 3 January 2019

Thursday Doors: Blond

Blond is another one of those picturesque villages within a half-hour’s drive from here at Tranquility Base. It’s big USP is the annual Capon Fair, which took place last Sunday. The weather wasn’t great, so there were by no means as many stalls as in previous years. On the positive side, that left more gaps through which to spot some interesting doors.

The church, which is fortified, is always visible, however:

…although this side door wouldn’t stand up to much of a battering:

Just behind the church is this little stone edifice, which seems to be standing guard over a stream that’s only about a foot wide:

This is one of the doors usually obscured by market stalls:

The garage looks bigger than the rest of the house:

Artistically, this decrepit little door juxtaposes well with the stagnant green pool in front of it:

Thursday Doors 13 December 2018

Mundane? Arrows

At the annual summer air show at nearby Blond, it’s possible to try your hand at archery.


Mundane Mondays