Captured In Ice

We have had a bit of a cold spell in recent days, with frosty nights – harsh enough to trap this oak leaf in a fold of the tarpaulin that covers our log pile.

CMMC 1 March 2023

On The Rocks

The rocky beach in the Sydney suburb of Manly.

CMMC 15 February 2023

Ocean Colour Scene

Cee’s topic for her latest midweek challenge is ‘calypso (ocean) colours’. This exercise in the rule of thirds is of a jet ski racing up and down the coastline of Abu Dhabi along the Corniche.

CMMC 8 February 2023

White wool

A close look at a ball of white wool.

CMMC 1 February 2923

Arches on a frosty morning

The raised beds on either side of the path to one of our outbuildings are bound together, metaphorically at least, by a couple of arches, suitable for roses to be trained over.

CMMC 25 January 2023

Misty morning

A cold and misty morning overlooking our neighbour’s fields.

CMMC 18 January 2023

Amber Glass

Madame made this at a glass-making workshop. Together with its companion pieces it adorns our terrace.

CMMC 11 January 2023


This unusual growth was highlighted by the early morning sun shining on a moss-covered ash tree in a corner of our garden.

CMMC 4 January 2023

Autumn Leaf

The colours on this fallen laurel (bay) leaf epitomise the autumn season.

CMMC 7 December 2022


You wanted a tangerine? So here’s a tangerine…

CMMC 9 November 2022