Mediterranean Spurge

This is a close-up view of the intricate flower of a Mediterranean Spurge, a plant I had never seen – or even heard of – before, but which is growing strongly in my son’s garden.

To give an idea of scale, the green ovoid disc of which the flower is at the heart is no more than a centimetre (about a third of an inch) in diameter.

CMMC 4 May 2022

Sprouting garlic

Although it doesn’t usually get the chance, this time some of our garlic has ‘gone over’. We’ll plant it out and see what happens…

CMMC April 2022 Macro

Wisteria on the way

A sure sign that spring is on its way: budding wisteria.

CMMC: Spring

French bread

There is nothing to beat fresh, ‘proper’ French bread – from a genuine artisan boulanger, not a supermarket.

CMMC: the letter D

Colours by the bucketful

An arresting and very colourful display of….er, buckets, outside a shop in St Andrews.

CMMC 9 March 2022

Fresh Cabbage

Who knew? Even cabbages can be interesting when you get up close to them – especially when they are as good and fresh as these, seen on a stall at the excellent Saturday market in Perigueux.

CMMC 2 March 2022

Oryx at rest

An Arabian oryx takes it easy in the game reserve on Sir Bani Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

CMMC: Must contain the letter ‘X’

Keep It Clean

Will that ice cream be consumed before any of it drips onto that turquoise polo shirt?

Of course. Never in doubt.

CMMC 9 February 2022


A close-up look at a small sample of our collection of colourful fly swatters. Hopefully, the fly gets an even closer view – although they usually get away.

CMMC: February close-up or macro


Near the village of Savonnières-Villandry there is a network of caves in which a constant process of petrification is going on. Any object that is left inside is slowly but inexorably turned to stone through a continuous process of petrification.

CMMC 26 January 2022