Oryx at rest

An Arabian oryx takes it easy in the game reserve on Sir Bani Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

CMMC: Must contain the letter ‘X’

Keep It Clean

Will that ice cream be consumed before any of it drips onto that turquoise polo shirt?

Of course. Never in doubt.

CMMC 9 February 2022


A close-up look at a small sample of our collection of colourful fly swatters. Hopefully, the fly gets an even closer view – although they usually get away.

CMMC: February close-up or macro


Near the village of Savonnières-Villandry there is a network of caves in which a constant process of petrification is going on. Any object that is left inside is slowly but inexorably turned to stone through a continuous process of petrification.

CMMC 26 January 2022


This rather stark, quasi-abstract image obviously requires some explanation. It’s a skyscape of course, but the cables are what carry the electricity from the nearest substation – about three miles away – to the outlying hamlets, including Tranquility Base.

These cables are strung from a long line of concrete posts that run all the way along the side of the road. Except in this case the post has been replaced by what can only be described as a forked tree branch, incongruous among the concrete. I suppose they know what they’re doing.

The chemtrail of the plane passing overhead is important in adding depth and context to the image.

CMMC 19 January 2022

White swans

This week, I present a rare example of me multi-tasking. The image of these swans was captured by the lake next to Linlithgow Palace and it fulfils the criteria not only for Cee’s Midweek Challenge, where the prompt was ‘white’, but also her Black & White Challenge, for which the theme was ‘birds’.

CMMC 12 January 2022

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Birds

Small but perfectly formed

This is the little hand of our grand-daughter, aged about eight weeks.

CMMC 5 January 2022

River Reflections

For Cee’s December midweek challenge – ‘must begin with R’. Take your pick.

CMMC: Must begin with an R

Red, of course

What’s your favourite colour, Cee wants to know for her latest midweek challenge.

Easy. Red, of course.

CMMC 15 December 2021

Stone Steps

No doubt a safety hazard, but these stone steps have obviously survived everything the Noth Sea has thrown at them for a very long time.

CMMC 24 November 2021