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The elaborately decorated ceiling in one of the bedrooms of the Chateau de la Mercerie.

CMMC: ending with G

Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

Not so long ago, I posted this stark image of one of the outside-facing clocks on the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. For the latest WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, with the theme of Numbers, here is the ornate gilded clock – roman numerals and all – that hangs over the main exhibition hall inside:


Less conventionally, here’s another way of looking at numbers, from the old schoolroom in Montrol-Sénard:

Vertical Lines2

Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

‘Ornate’: made in an intricate shape or decorated with complex patterns.


This is a detail from a stained glass window in St. Mary’s Church in Beverley, Yorkshire that fits the bill for this week’s challenge. The glass itself is complex and decorative, and so is the intricately-shaped stone framework that holds it together.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate