Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

This brightly painted mooring post was spotted in one of the many inlets of Sydney Harbour.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

The Gothic arches and vaulted ceilingĀ  of the cloister at the Abbey of Noirlac constitute an impressive architectural structure:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner

This angular building in Abu Dhabi is comparatively new, but reflects traditional architecture. It has the characteristic appearance of a wind tower – an old design that was able to capture the cooler breezes that circulate well above the ground and direct them down towards the ground.

Nowadays, of course, they have A/C.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shiny

This week’s photo challeneg from WordPress goes by the initially baffling title of ‘Ooh, shiny!’. In fact, it’s about the things that can distract us.

Rather like Andrea, who set the challenge, normally I’m pretty focused on whatever I happen to be doing at the time. However, if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to send me running to get my camera – apart from rainbows – it’s spotting insects buzzing around our flowers.

In particular, I’ve tried on numerous occasions to get a half-decent image of this little creature, a Hummingbird Moth. It’s not easy, because they don’t remain still for any time at all: the exposure on this photo is 1/750th of a second and still the wings are blurred. However, I think I got the rest of it as right as I’m ever likely to, so I think it was worth the distraction.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental

It’s not the easiest thing to find an image that shows all four primal elements at once.

However, this picture, taken along a lane about a mile from here, undoubtedly conveys three of them: air, water and earth. And since the sun was shining, perhaps that could be taken for fire. In any case, it’s a tranquil rural scene.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental

Weekly Photo Challenge: Textures

These reeds contrast with and at the same time emphasise the smooth flow of the River Indre as it flows through the town of Loches in central France.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Textures

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

According to this reflection in a distorting mirror at Chateau de Maillant, I seem to have lost quite a bit of weight recently. And that is unusual.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual