Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…

The latest WordPress weekly Photo Challenge is a particularly interesting – and difficult – one. We are asked to post an image illustrating what we would rather be doing.

It seems to me that one’s starting point is crucial here. It all rather depends on what I’m doing at the time the question is posed. I can think of lots of things I might (have to) be doing where watching paint dry would be a more acceptable alternative. Equally, there are a few things I would rather be doing than just about anything else.

Neither of these categories, however, really lend themselves to being pictured – and certainly not in the public domain.

The truth is, I would probably rather be taking photographs than anything else: this is, after all, my principal interest. And if I was being more specific, it would be taking photographs of interesting doors.

So this:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rather

Thursday Doors: Confolens – Finale (2)

And these really are the last shots of doors in Confolens that I have.

Finally, a rather different perspective. At what point did they finally realise that there was nobody home?

Thursday Doors 1 March 2018

Thursday Doors: Confolens – Finale (1)

Just as I was getting worried that my supply of doors was nearing exhaustion (and then what will I do on Thursdays?), I came across some overlooked doors from – you guessed it – Confolens. Enough for this week and next, by when I hope to have topped up my supplies from other locations.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the bottom of this particular barrel, all of which were taken at the town’s highest point, within the medieval fortifications, from where you can look over the whole metropolis.


The next two examples are set into the old walls:

While this is in a restored building just inside the main gate:

Finally, a couple of splendidly tatty doors of considerable age:

Thursday Doors 22 February 2018

Thursday Doors: Confolens – Rive Gauche (3)

The third and final set of doors from the left bank of the nearby town of Confolens.

Spot the snapper:


Thursday Doors 15 February 2018

Thursday Doors: Confolens – Rive Gauche (2)

This week, more doors from the other side of the river in Confolens.

Whatever function this building had originally, I believe it is now  an office:

Brown seems to be the predominant colour this week:

This old shopfront is my favourite from this week’s selection. Unfortunately, there were cars parked right in front of it, so I couldn’t get a head-on view, but it certainly has bags of character:

This one looks like it was squeezed in as an afterthought:

And finally, something a little more colourful:

Thursday Doors 8 February 2018

Thursday Doors: Confolens – Rive Gauche

After the little detour to Bordeaux over the past few weeks, we’re back at the gift that keeps on giving of old doors in Confolens. The next few posts will all feature doors to be found on the left bank (rive gauche) of the Vienne river, which flows through the town and gave it its old strategic importance.

To get from one side to t’other, you can always drive over the newer bridge, but on a nice day it’s much more pleasant to stroll over the pedestrianised Pont Vieux.

And this is what you’ll find in the way of interesting doors, beginning with a church:

And something that looks like a church but isn’t:

Not all doors are quite so spectacular, of course:

A little more modern is this example, with some interesting ironwork:

Most prosaic of all is this, actually an electricity sub-station:

Thursday Doors 1 February 2018

Thursday Doors: Doors Of The Year 2017

As this will be the last instalment of Thursday Doors in 2017, with Norm taking a well-earned festive break until 11 January, it seemed like an appropriate time to review some of my personal favourites that have been posted here over the last twelve months.

With the exception of my ‘official’ Door of the Year these are in no particular order of preference and are just placed chronologically. A full ranking of the 300 or so doors that I’ve put up here in 2017 wouldn’t be possible but would be pointless.

This first one  – a striking and well-cared for door in the town of Saint Junien – appeared last February. You could hardly miss that mustard-yellow paint.

By way of contrast, in March I started posting doors from the town of Confolens. This was one of the first I came across on my initial excursion and it’s hardly been bettered.

Both Confolens and Saint Junien are about a 30 minute drive from here at Tranquility Base, but this third door, from June, is much closer – a mere ten minutes away in the village of Saint-Martial-sur-Isop. It’s irresistibly bijou

It’s not just France that has interesting doors. This elaborate example, originally posted in July, can be found in Rodney Street, Liverpool:

In September I made another visit to the national monument of Oradour-sur-Glane, where this door can be found in the church:

However, this is my personal choice for Door of the Year 2017. Posted in October it’s to be found in the medieval village of Saint Cirq Lapopie and I’ve never seen anything like it as an example of making the door fit the hole:

Thursday Doors 21 December 2017