Outside the Notaire’s

These brass plaques can be seen outside the offices of Notaires (public notaries) all over France. However, they’re not all as aesthetically framed against a rough-cast wall as this one, in Confolens.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Textures

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Tranquil

Being fortunate enough to live where we do, in the rural Limousin region that is part of ‘la France profonde’, finding a tranquil image to meet Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge is not exactly a problem.

However, my go-to place around here for tranquility (apart from home itself) is down by the River Vienne in Confolens on a calm sunny day, where the Pont Vieux casts flawless reflections like these:

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Tranquil

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Reflection

Reflections are one of my favourite photographic subjects and I have posted quite a few here. Many of these have been of the River Vienne as it flows through the nearby town of Confolens and here’s another one, previously unseen.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Reflection

Scene through an archway

The nearby town of Confolens abounds with photographic opportunities, especially on calm, cloudless days that produce almost flawless reflections on the River Vienne.

On the right bank of the river there are a number of these archways that provide interesting frames for the vibrant colours.

Cee’s Fun ‘Foto’ Challenge: Vibrant Colours

Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…

The latest WordPress weekly Photo Challenge is a particularly interesting – and difficult – one. We are asked to post an image illustrating what we would rather be doing.

It seems to me that one’s starting point is crucial here. It all rather depends on what I’m doing at the time the question is posed. I can think of lots of things I might (have to) be doing where watching paint dry would be a more acceptable alternative. Equally, there are a few things I would rather be doing than just about anything else.

Neither of these categories, however, really lend themselves to being pictured – and certainly not in the public domain.

The truth is, I would probably rather be taking photographs than anything else: this is, after all, my principal interest. And if I was being more specific, it would be taking photographs of interesting doors.

So this:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rather

Thursday Doors: Confolens – Finale (2)

And these really are the last shots of doors in Confolens that I have.

Finally, a rather different perspective. At what point did they finally realise that there was nobody home?

Thursday Doors 1 March 2018

Thursday Doors: Confolens – Finale (1)

Just as I was getting worried that my supply of doors was nearing exhaustion (and then what will I do on Thursdays?), I came across some overlooked doors from – you guessed it – Confolens. Enough for this week and next, by when I hope to have topped up my supplies from other locations.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the bottom of this particular barrel, all of which were taken at the town’s highest point, within the medieval fortifications, from where you can look over the whole metropolis.


The next two examples are set into the old walls:

While this is in a restored building just inside the main gate:

Finally, a couple of splendidly tatty doors of considerable age:

Thursday Doors 22 February 2018