Monday Window: Sarlat

There’s a grand old house, furnished in period fashion, in the middle of Sarlat, a medieval town in the Dordogne départèment of south-west France.

#MondayWindow 21 December 2020

Monday Window: Bellac (again)

Another unloved old window from the back streets of Bellac.

#MondayWindow 14 December 2020

Monday Windows: Cahors

Somehow this little medieval window in Cahors has survived in a modern façade.

#MondayWindow 23 November 2020




Monday Window: Limoges Cathedral

Another beautifully renovated stained glass window from the cathedral in Limoges.

#MondayWindow 16 November 2020

Monday Window: Le Dorat

Quite a contrast in the state of repair of the windows – not to mention the roofs – of these adjoining buildings in the Place Collègiale in Le Dorat.

As I recall, that boulangerie did a mean pain aux raisins.

#MondayWindow 9 November 2020

Monday Window: Chabanais

The window of one of many abandoned independent shops (this one a butcher’s) in the town of Chabanais.

#MondayWindow 2 November 2020

Monday Window: Le Dorat (again)

Another quietly decaying window in the main shopping street (yes, really) of Le Dorat

#MondayWindow 26 October 2020

Monday Window: Chartres Cathedral

Another impressive triptych of intricate stained glass in the mighty Cathedral at Chartres.

#MondayWindow 19 October 2020

Monday Window: Bussière-Poitevine

‘Nobody loves you when you’re down and out’.

#MondayWindow 12 October 2020

Monday Window: Le Dorat

You’re obviously not supposed to use this window, in the village of Le Dorat, as either an entry or exit point. So is it really a window?

#MondayWindow 5 October 2020