This way to the dumpster

This hand-made – and most definitely unofficial – signpost in the city of Cahors, in southern France, points the way to a number of exotic locations. And Brussels.

However, the most practical pointer is probably the one which shows the way to the nearest benne à ordures: the garbage dumpster.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Signs

Thursday Doors: Encore Cahors (5)

And still they come….

Yet more from Cahors. When I first posted some doors from this medieval town, I commented on the carving that many of them displayed. Like these:

You can’t go wrong with a door-within-a-door…

Or just go full tatty:

There are still a few more doors to come from Cahors, but for the next few weeks we’ll be rather closer to home, at a new Thursday Doors destination.

Thursday Doors 31 May 2018

Thursday Doors: Encore Cahors (4)

The waiting is over….here’s another selection of the doors of Cahors, beginning with two gloriously tatty sets of double doors:

And another, in rather better condition (includes free reflection of author: you’re welcome).

And some single doors, in various stages of neglect:

More next week, then we’ll break off for a new destination.

Thursday Doors 24 May 2018

Thursday Doors: Encore Cahors (3)

The gift that keeps on giving…

Another selection of the myriad doors of the town of Cahors. I ended last week with the observation that the predominant colour of the doors was – not really surprisingly – brown. Like these:

Bored yet? How about a bit of white relief, as it were:

Or even some anarchic blue:

And finally something quite different. This shop-front – a former boulangerie – is quite readable:

There are still a fair few doors to come from Cahors (and I’m saving some of the best ’til last), but for the next couple of weeks we’ll be in the city of Poitiers.

Thursday Doors 26 April 2018

Thursday Doors: Encore Cahors (2)

Back to the town of Cahors yet again, for more doors from the medieval quarter, starting this week with a particularly shabby one:

Time to inject a little colour:

And some rather better cared-for examples. This one eases the transition from blues…

…to greens:

But there’s no getting away from the fact that brown is the prevailing colour:

Next week another selection from Cahors, then, by way of diversion, somewhere as yet unseen…

Thursday Doors 19 April 2018

Perspectives on the Pont Valentre

The Pont Valentré, which bridges the river Lot in Cahors, dates from the fourteenth century, so certainly qualifies for Cee’s category this week of anything over 50 years old.

Then again, so do I….

The bridge’s four towers makes it visually appealing not only from a distance but also – unlike some – when you’re actually standing on it.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Over 50 years old

Thursday Doors: Encore Cahors

After our little diversion to Rancon over the past two weeks, it’s time to dip back into the cornucopia of interesting doors from Cahors.

Last time we featured some of the doors from the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne, one of two principal landmarks of the town. The other is the Pont Valentré:

There must be literally hundreds of doors in the narrow streets of the medieval quarter, although they aren’t all original or neglected:

Finally for this week, and just for a change, how about an artfully rusted gate?

Thursday Doors 12 April 2018