Tuesday Photo Challenge: Bridge

Frank’s theme for this week is ‘Bridge’, so here’s a twofer: two of the bridges that span the River Lot in the town of Cahors.

This more modern road bridge isn’t too shabby, especially when the shadows make it look a little like a set of nutcrackers:

…although the famous one is the medieval Pont Valentré:

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Bridge

Thursday Doors: Cahors (2)

More doors from Cahors, he said rhymingly.

After the helter-skelter mini-train journey that featured last week, a more leisurely approach, with a cruise on the River Lot that runs through the town and beneath the striking three-towered, medieval Pont Valentré, which is worth seeing in all its glory:

Although to maintain the door theme, here’s a close-up of the middle tower:

Here’s another door halfway up a wall, taken from the mini-train:

Finally, a few more down-to-earth examples:

Thursday Doors 19 October 2017

Thursday Doors: Cahors (1)

A recent coach trip down south to the Lot region of France included visits to two door-worthy locations and plenty of material to fill posts for the next few weeks.

To begin with, we look at the town of Cahors. Most of this was seen from a little tourist train, driven by a man who seemed to be in a tearing hurry. This means that some of these images are not up to normal standards of composition and sharpness, but these doors are nonetheless worth seeing.

I don’t know what’s behind this door – and I can only conclude that somebody definitely doesn’t want me to:


The quick passing glimpse of this door was enough to see that its carving was particularly ornate…but then it was gone:

As was this – less elaborate, but obviously with a story to tell:

Fortunately the train did slow down occasionally, which allowed me to grab a couple of more stable shots:


Finally, a left turn into traffic allowed me to get a reasonable shot of this set of gates:

Thursday Doors 12 October 2017