Urban Erosion: St-Junien

An all-too common sight in the old centres of so many towns in rural France that don’t benefit from any significant levels of tourism.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: 13 January 2021

Monday Window: Le Dorat (again)

Another quietly decaying window in the main shopping street (yes, really) of Le Dorat

#MondayWindow 26 October 2020

Thursday Doors: St Junien – decrepit

For the fourth and (I promise) final instalment of doors from St Junien I’ve saved – depending on your point of view – either the best or the worst ’til last. They’re certainly among the tattiest, and that’s fine by me.

Actually, this first one isn’t too bad:


but these next three; oh dear:




Lastly, a double helping of double doors. The second one looks like it’s tipping me the wink:



Thursday Doors 23 February 2017