Three Knights

Nothing to see here…

Three knights in armour chatting on a street in the nearby village of Rancon. Couldn’t have anything to do with it being the day of the medieval fair, could it?

“So I says to King Arthur….”

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Trios

Memento Mori

In the village of Rancon there is to be found one of comparatively few remaining ‘Lanternes des Morts’. These were memorials to the dead, quite common in medieval times. In this sense such a Lanterne could be described as a memento mori – thereby meeting the theme of ‘two Ms’ for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Two Ms

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unlikely

Here’s a sight you’re unlikely to see….unless, of course, you happen to be at the annual medieval fair in the nearby village of Rancon.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unlikely

Thursday Doors: Rancon revisited (2)

This week a second set of doors from a recent return visit to the village of Rancon.

Every village in France has to have at least one hairdressers (‘Coiffure’). It’s the law, or seems to be, and Rancon is no exception. I’d have to say, though, that the adjacent blue doors and shutters are rather more interesting…

…and continue round the corner:

But what we really want is some properly tatty doors:

This last one’s a bit of a mongrel:

Thursday Doors 5 April 2018

Thursday Doors: Rancon revisited (1)

As promised, we’re taking a short break from the cornucopia of doors from Cahors in order to revisit another place that’s featured on this blog before.

Almost two years ago, I posted some doors from the nearby (30 minutes by car) village of Rancon. Those images were taken during the annual medieval fair, when the place gets quite busy. However, a recent quiet and sunny Sunday morning proved to be much quieter, and the absence of the stalls of the artisan market opened up some vistas that hadn’t been obvious before.

Perhaps most notably is this doorway (or possibly gateway), which stands on its own around the back of the church. I could find nothing that gave any provenance for it, although it must surely once have been part of a grand edifice.

Speaking of the church, which is fortified and dates from the 17th century:

Rather less grand, but just as interesting, is this door at the side of the church…

…which is next to:

Finally, for this week, a couple of private houses, the first just by the mysterious gateway…

…and the second on the main street, which is where we’ll be concentrating next week.

Thursday Doors 29 March 2018

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

I was very surprised to turn around while at the annual medieval fair in the town of Rancon to see that I was being stalked by a witch. Although from her reaction I think she was rather surprised too.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Thursday Doors: Rancon – Ancient & Modern

The village of Rancon, about a thirty minute drive from here at Tranquility Base, is in all honesty pretty unremarkable, although it does hold a medieval fĂȘte in June every year which is worth a quick look.

But, to be fair, it does have a few interesting doors, both ancient and modern:

Rancon ancient

including this particularly decrepit example;

Rancon ancient-2

while this neglected door is somewhere on the cusp between old and new:

Rancon ancient-3

Rancon’s modern doors are in rather better condition, such as this interesting and quite unusual (certainly for around these parts) offering:

Rancon modern

One thing that isn’t unusual around here is the closed-down shop. I was particularly struck by this composition in pastels:

Rancon modern-2

while this pair of garden gates suggests that there may be a bit of neighbourly one-upmanship going on:

Rancon modern-3

Thursday Doors 30 June 2016