Ocean Colour Scene

Cee’s topic for her latest midweek challenge is ‘calypso (ocean) colours’. This exercise in the rule of thirds is of a jet ski racing up and down the coastline of Abu Dhabi along the Corniche.

CMMC 8 February 2023

Ducks on a lake

A tranquil scene as ducks swim on the lake next to Linlithgow Palace in Scotland.

CMMC 27 October 2021

52 Week Smartphone Challenge: 47 Rule of Thirds

I’ve managed to stay with this Smartphone Challenge on a weekly basis all year so far. Some of the topics have been – well, let’s just say ‘esoteric’ shall we? However, Week 47 is an absolute lulu:

“The rules of thirds is so popular because it is so versatile. This week use the rule of thirds to show emotion”

Now, even a hack like me knows about the rule of thirds, but to use that to convey emotion just makes no sense to me. You can certainly portray emotion in a photographic image, but the rule of thirds is surely incidental to that.

Anyway, here’s a picture of a cat asleep on a sofa. The emotion is irritation at such a daft challenge this week. Hrrumph.

52WeekSmartphoneChallenge: 47 Rule of Thirds

52 Week Smartphone Challenge: 2 – Rule of thirds

For the second week of his 52 Week Smartphone Challenge, Khurt is looking for an image that adheres to the classic compositional law, the so-called ‘rule of thirds’.

This photograph was taken from a holiday cottage in East Yorkshire, just outside the town of Beverley. The image is divided into thirds both horizontally and vertically. While the quality of the image isn’t that great (it was taken with my previous smartphone, an iPhone 6), I think the view is attractive and the composition is pleasing.

52 Week Smartphone Challenge: Week 2

Rule of Thirds (1)

All these images place the subject in either the left or right one-third of the image and, I think, are more effective than they would be if they were simply centred. Roll over each image for further explanation.

Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

For this week’s challenge, a photograph of some seedpods of an Honesty plant (known in France as ‘monnaie du Pape’ – The Pope’s Money). I do like a bit of bokeh.

Rule of Thirds