Thursday Doors: Cherry Burton

Cherry Burton is a small village just outside Beverley, in East Yorkshire. My daughter and her family live there.

It’s far enough away from town to have something of a rural feel, although there are modern developments on either side of the road that runs through the centre of the village, where the oldest buildings, and most interesting doors, are to be found.

Any village with an ounce of self-respect needs a Village Hall:

The oldest residential buildings have a late Georgian/early Victorian feel to them:

Although there are some interesting exceptions:

And finally, for something completely different, here’s my son-in-law’s parents’ garden shed:

Thursday Doors 9 August 2018

Thursday Doors: Beverley

This week, a brief respite from the usual diet of characterful old French rural doors, with a selection from the mix of historic and modern architecture in the attractive market town of Beverley, in East Yorkshire.

This is probably the oldest door still standing, from the early 16th century. It was the gateway to a Dominican friary that once stood in the centre of the town:

The most characteristic architecture is Georgian, however, and there are quite a few interesting examples still to be seen:

This little cottage lies on a narrow street right in the town centre:

And finally a triple-whammy – three architectural styles in a row:

Thursday Doors 7 September 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

This is the very imposing (and very angular) exterior of St Mary’s Church in Beverley, East Yorkshire.