Thursday Doors: Beverley

This week, a brief respite from the usual diet of characterful old French rural doors, with a selection from the mix of historic and modern architecture in the attractive market town of Beverley, in East Yorkshire.

This is probably the oldest door still standing, from the early 16th century. It was the gateway to a Dominican friary that once stood in the centre of the town:

The most characteristic architecture is Georgian, however, and there are quite a few interesting examples still to be seen:

This little cottage lies on a narrow street right in the town centre:

And finally a triple-whammy – three architectural styles in a row:

Thursday Doors 7 September 2017

9 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Beverley

  1. These are all wonderful, but it’s no contest. It’s hard to beat that door at the top. It’s massive. You can see how it’s stood up to the weather over time. I love the stone work around the entrance. That door just plain makes me feel good.

  2. The first – not only door – is a rustic treasure! Love everything about it – and you captured it so beautifully.. And the last collection is delightful in color and variety! Wow, you have outdone yourself!

  3. I, too, love the friary gate and the door of 106, although it appears to be made for relatively slender people. That last one is so interesting, not only because of the different styles and colors, but because where does that middle door go?? Upstairs or maybe to another time and place. šŸ™‚


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