The Collegiale church in Le Dorat has an imposing tower with a four-sided steepled roof. Fortuitously, there is a clock on each side of this sloping roof (which meets the criterion for this week’s Black & White Challenge) and as the sun sets on a very bright day, there is a pleasing contrast between the light and shady sides.

Indeed, I think this is brought out more effectively with a monochrome treatment, as here.

CMMC: Must have an ‘o’ in the middle of the word

Reflections in a Volvo

Going back a few years, while we were still living in Abu Dhabi and our house here was being renovated, we would spend some of our summer holidays locally. We stayed in a Chambre d’Hôtes opposite the massive Collégiale church in Le Dorat.

Looking out of our window one afternoon, I saw this reflection in the roof of a car parked just below.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles

C is for Ceiling

The fresco on the ceiling of the Collègiale church in St Junien is very faded, so you’re not missing much by seeing it only in monochrome:


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: the letter C or D

Thursday Doors: Le Dorat

With a name like that, this town about thirtty minutes drive from here is surely crying out to be included in Thursday Doors.

Le Dorat is probably best known for its medieval church: the Collegiale, whose stonework is mightily impressive:


…and not just on the outside:


There remain some other relics of earlier times, including a good section of fortified wall, as well as this impressive towered main gate:


Outside the old and very compact centre of the town, however, there are plenty of examples of more recent and typical rural architecture:



Thursday Doors 11 August 2016