Tuesday Photo Challenge: Decay

For Frank’s theme for this week of ‘decay’, here is an image of part of the heavily-weathered inscription on a gravestone to be found in the old burial ground opposite St Mary’s church in Beverley, Yorkshire.

Time and the elements have worn down the lettering into something almost abstract, although it is still possible to make out some of the wording.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Decay

Tuesdays of Texture: Weathered Sandstone

This piece of sandstone down by Circular Quay in Sydney is not only a lovely colour but has also weathered very attractively.


Tuesdays of Texture Week 51

Tuesdays of Texture: Paint

This door – of a church on the island of Burano, in the Venetian lagoon – could really do with a fresh coat of paint.


Tuesdays of Texture: Week 40