The Tower

From ground level, the stonework of the tower of this church at Chabanais looks particularly imposing:

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Bricks & Stone

Saint Cirq Lapopie (1)

After the sometimes frenetic chug around Cahors that’s featured in the previous two weeks, there was time for a more considered look round the nearby village of Saint Cirq Lapopie. Classified as one of ‘Les Plus Beaux Villages de France’ – which seems fair enough – this place is not for the faint hearted, as it’s built on the side of a hill and most of the streets are narrow and steep.

This first image gives some indication of the slopes you are likely to encounter:

One problem with narrow streets, of course, is that you can’t always get enough distance to frame a shot as you might like:

Most of the houses are still occupied, whether by private residents or – equally likely – bijou souvenir or craft shops:

Finally, for this week, the pristine but sympathetic door of an exhibition space:

Thursday Doors 26 October 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rounded

Last year, I took a whole series of photos of our friend Terry’s immaculately maintained Triumph motorcycle – including this very rounded, yet almost abstract, image of the crossbar and headlight.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rounded

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Sky

Still away from base, so still reliant on the back catalogue to respond to Frank’s latest theme, of ‘Sky’.

This was originally posted as the ‘after’ image of a largely unregarded post-processing challenge a couple of years ago.

The photograph was taken at sunset in the giraffe compound on the Sir Bani Yas game reserve in Abu Dhabi. Because the island is largely desert and this was well inland, the sky was not in the usual blue to purple part of the spectrum.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Sky

The Bridge

As the early morning mist starts to lift from the Vienne river at Chabanais, the bridge in the distance beyond the weir becomes visible.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: In The Distance

Thursday Doors: Cahors (2)

More doors from Cahors, he said rhymingly.

After the helter-skelter mini-train journey that featured last week, a more leisurely approach, with a cruise on the River Lot that runs through the town and beneath the striking three-towered, medieval Pont Valentré, which is worth seeing in all its glory:

Although to maintain the door theme, here’s a close-up of the middle tower:

Here’s another door halfway up a wall, taken from the mini-train:

Finally, a few more down-to-earth examples:

Thursday Doors 19 October 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge: Glow

Although I’ve had to raid my existing WordPress media library for this week’s challenge (as I currently do not have access to all my images), I think that this sunset over Beverley, in East Yorkshire, not only meets the theme of ‘Glow’ but is worth seeing again.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Glow