Thursday Doors: Nantes – Chateau des Ducs

Still in Nantes, this week we feature some of the doors to be found in the Chateau des Ducs, a moated castle in the centre of the city. Although originally medieval, the Chateau was extensively rebuilt in the early nineteenth century after much of it was destroyed in an explosion. Nowadays, it functions as a museum.

It’s still surrounded by a moat, however, and to access this particular door you will need to have the drawbridge down.

There’s no doubt that some of the original character of the Chateau was lost in the rebuilding process, but the doors are still worth a look:


This door is actually a display item inside the museum. The sign dates it to around 1740.

Thursday Doors 11 May 2017

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Falling Water

All along the Corniche in Abu Dhabi runs a park. There are play areas and plenty of items of architectural interest, including this water feature. I particularly like the contrast between the rigid geometry of the mosaic and the concrete on the one hand and the running (falling) water on the other.

It being Abu Dhabi, naturally enough the sun was shining, so the light, shade and shadow add further interest to the composition.

Tuesday Photo Challenge 9 May 2017: Falling Water

Tuesdays of Texture: Quilting

Following on from last week’s images of highly textured bags from the quilting expo at Nantes, here are two details from a display of Welsh quilts that show how the process of quilting adds texture to the fabric.


Tuesdays of Texture 9 May 2017

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 33 – Rain(bow)

For this week, the challenge set by The Girl That Dreams Awake is to post a photo with the subject of ‘rain’. I tend not to take photographs while it’s raining, because who needs a waterlogged camera?

However, is it not the case that there’s no rainbow without rain? The clouds in this image certainly look full of it.

This picture was snatched with my iPhone (rainbows wait for no man) and shows a quite impressive rainbow over the house of our neighbour.

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 33 – Rain

S is for Shutters

These shutters cover a window in one of the turrets of the Chateau des Ducs, in the French city of Nantes. Also includes S for stonework and seats.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: S or T

Thursday Doors: Nantes – rue Henri IV

We recently spent a few days in the city of Nantes, in the north-western part of France. While Madame took part in some workshops at a quilting expo, I took myself off with my camera in search of doors (among other things). There were plenty to see.

All the doors in this first instalment are on the same street – rue Henri IV, which runs at right angles to the River Loire. In effect, it marks the eastern boundary of the oldest surviving part of the city. All the buildings are constructed on a grand scale, although some are in better condition than others.

Unsurprisingly, since the street runs up from the river, it’s on a slope, which in terms of doors means that some are going to need steps in front of them:

Now then: do you see the small door in the bottom left of the picture above? Well, although  it’s worth a closer look, it isn’t actually a door:

It is, in fact, an art installation, as the accompanying notice explains:

(‘Hétéroclites’ means heterogenous, although it could also be translated as ‘motley’. In art terms, it’s something that is made of different elements, without either unity or harmony. The notice informs that the anonymous artist used various unrelated items and materials – such as the metal pipes that cover wiring etc. on external walls – that are to be found in the street.)

Thursday Doors 4 May 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger

In response to the theme of ‘Danger’ for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, here is a photograph I took a few years ago from the balcony of our apartment in Abu Dhabi.

A fire had broken out in a residential block just around the corner, and the emergency services had to evacuate some residents by helicopter.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger