Tuesday Photo Challenge: Rectangles

Detail from the roof of a contemporary building in the Manarat al Saadiyat cultural district of Abu Dhabi.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Rectangles

Box Kite

Cee’s theme for her Black & White Challenge this week is ‘anything that flies’.

That would certainly include this elaborate box kite, seen at the annual ‘Estevol’ air show at nearby Blond.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Anything that flies

Thursday Doors: Azay-Le-Ferron

Earlier this summer we went on a coach trip which included a visit to the Chateau at Azay-Le-Ferron, in central France. Dating back in parts to the 13th century, it is a pretty impressive edifice and, as you would expect, it’s got some rather interesting doors.

Note the date on this first example: 1302.

The family who lived here for centuries were very keen on what we’d today describe as ‘blood sports’, as illustrated here:

Over the centuries, the original building has been modified and extended, so not all the doors ‘match’:

Even the gateway to the extensive ornamental gardens has some character:

And the church just outside the gates doesn’t stint on the architecture:

Thursday Doors 25 July 2019

Nobody’s listening to you…

I saw this group of flamingos on the water in a wildlife park. The isolated bird seems to be haranguing the rest of the group, who are taking not a blind bit of notice.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water

Looking down on the tourists

Frank’s theme for this week is ‘sculpture’. I certainly have no shortage of images to choose from to fit in with that, but I decided to go with this close-up from Barzaghi’s  1882 ‘Monument to Nicoló Tommaseo’, who looks down on the passing hordes with faint amusement from his plinth in Campo Santo Stefano in Venice. The detail is extraordinary.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Sculpture

Shoes from another lifetime

Cee’s theme for this week’s Black & White Photo Challenge is footwear and that immediately made me think of my favourite pair of shoes back when I was plying my trade as an investment banker and fund manager.

Nowadays, you’re far more likely to find me in a pair of Birkenstock sandals or some ultra-comfy Dr Martens casuals rather than ‘business attire’, but I still have a soft spot for these loafers that I bought almost twenty five years ago. Indeed, I wrote a post on my other blog about them a while back.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Footwear

Thursday Doors: Le Dorat

This week, a final selection of doors from nearby Le Dorat and we’re back in our comfort zone with some gloriously tatty examples.

This is probably the pick of the bunch – no doubt a shop way back in the mists of time:

More abandoned examples:

These next two come with ‘matching’ shutters:

And finally, almost covered in foliage:

Thursday Doors 18 July 2019