Monday Window: Le Dorat

Quite a contrast in the state of repair of the windows – not to mention the roofs – of these adjoining buildings in the Place Collègiale in Le Dorat.

As I recall, that boulangerie did a mean pain aux raisins.

#MondayWindow 9 November 2020

52 Week Smartphone Challenge: 45 Musical

‘Musical’ is the theme for Week 45 of the Smartphone Challenge, so here is a detail from the electric keyboard that our grandsons use when they are staying with us:

As it happens, the theme for Cee’s Black & White Challenge this week is ‘Music’, so this post will apply for that too.

Who says men can’t multi-task?

52WeekSmartphoneChallenge; 45 Musical


The Purple Peacock

Purple and violet are the key colours in this wall-hanging of a peacock, quilted by Madame and now taking pride of place in our daughter’s new home.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Purples & Violets

Monday Window: Chabanais

The window of one of many abandoned independent shops (this one a butcher’s) in the town of Chabanais.

#MondayWindow 2 November 2020

52 Week Smartphone Challenge: 44 Viewpoint

Fun fact: nobody has ever had direct sight of the back of their own head: it requires a different viewpoint.

52WeekSmartphoneChallenge: 44 Viewpoint

Wisteria Web

This plucky little spider has spun the complex pattern of its web in the curl of a new shoot of wisteria.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Patterns in Nature

The Hungry Grasshopper

This little grasshopper helps the natural order of things by feeding from an orange poppy.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: 90% One Colour

Monday Window: Le Dorat (again)

Another quietly decaying window in the main shopping street (yes, really) of Le Dorat

#MondayWindow 26 October 2020

52 Week Smartphone Challenge: 43 Film Noir

For this week’s Smartphone Challenge, the prompt is ‘Film Noir’ – ‘dark and moody’. This is another moonshot from just outside our house. I think it qualifies.

52 Week Smartphone Challenge: 43 Film Noir

A mollusc

As everyone knows, snails are a species of mOllUsc:

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: must contain ‘O’ and ‘U’