Fresh Cabbage

Who knew? Even cabbages can be interesting when you get up close to them – especially when they are as good and fresh as these, seen on a stall at the excellent Saturday market in Perigueux.

CMMC 2 March 2022

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Groceries

Frank’s theme for this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge is in one sense a little out of the ordinary, but in another way could hardly be more mundane – ‘groceries’. So here are some groceries that are a little out of the ordinary: a basket of coloquintes (gourds) that I spotted at an open-air market in the town of Chabanais. They’re nothing if not colourful.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Groceries

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Delicious

The freshly-caught sea bass on display at the Rialto fish market in Venice looked absolutely delicious.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: 16 January 2018

The glass roof

The glass roof of the covered open-air vegetable market in the city of Chartres is replete with symmetrical lines and angles to meet Cee’s theme for this week (and works particularly well in monochrome).

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Lines and Angles

Tuesdays of Texture: Octopus

This week, a bit of the yuck factor. It’s not to everybody’s taste – certainly not mine (and I’ve tried it) – but there’s no doubt that octopus does have a distinctive texture, even if it’s not one you would go out of your way to feel. Or eat.

This example was photographed on a stall in the Fish Market near the Rialto Bridge in Venice, so at least you can assume it was fresh.


Tuesdays of Texture

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Detail fromĀ a display of fresh fruit and vegetables at the Rialto market in Venice.


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