Venice, Schmenice, it’s all about me!

It takes a lot to move me to incandescent rage, but my encounters with the phenomenon of ‘selfie sticks’ when in Venice last year prompted me to this rant. And I have to say that time has proved to be no emollient. As far as I can see, there is only one possible valid use for a selfie stick, and since science has already…


Calm, peaceful and untroubled? Oh yes. This photograph was taken at the resort hotel on Sir Bani Yas in Abu Dhabi. We were just about the only guests there (it hadn’t been open for very long), which just added to the tranquility. I particularly like the additional elements of serenity in the foreground: the infinity pool, what could almost be a Zen garden, the…

Santa’s gone off-piste

Nobody would begrudge Santa a holiday after his recent busy time, and why shouldn’t he go skiing? But he must have overdone the glühwein a bit to end up flat out on a supermarket shelf in the middle of France earlier today.   (inspired by Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge)  

What’s the bloody point (and click)?

Originally posted on the only deadhead in the hameau:
What is it with ‘selfies’? Why do so many people feel the need to remind themselves constantly of what they look like? Personally, that couple of minutes twice a day looking in the bathroom mirror while brushing my teeth is more than sufficient for me to keep the old memory banks topped up, self-image wise. I’m pretty sure I’d…

Butterflies on Buddleia

An hour or so on a sunny afternoon, loitering with intent around the buddleia (well named as the ‘butterfly bush’) produced these images:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-second story

This photograph was taken a few years ago from the balcony of my apartment in Abu Dhabi. A fire had broken out in a residential building just around the corner (on Electra, for the locals) and the emergency helicopter service was called in to rescue some people who were trapped on the roof. You can just see one being winched inside the hovering helicopter,…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

The Sheikh Zayed (Grand) Mosque in Abu Dhabi is a strong competitor for one of the modern wonders of the world. There are many photographs from there that I could have included for this challenge, but I finally chose these three pictures of one of the many huge chandeliers in the main prayer room.

Winter Walk

It’s been pleasantly, if unseasonably, warm and sunny lately here at Tranquility Base: perfect weather for a walk along the quiet local roads. The hedgerows are full of both life and death: Some more images: