Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 17 – Calm

If I come out of my house, walk the 25 yards or so up to the road and look to my left, this is what I see. And people wonder why I refer to the petit hameau we live in as ‘Tranquility Base’.

(By the way, this is rush hour.)


Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Calm

5 Comments on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 17 – Calm

  1. Such a calm place. It would be perfect to make photo session there co no one will disturb your composition)

  2. I’m not sure why but I never got notification of the pingback to your post. You may like to check it out or leave the link to this post in the comments section of my post. That way other participants will be able to view it.

    That’s a lovely calming rush hour you live nearby. 😄

    • Thanks for the comment. I believe quite a few people have had problems with pingbacks. I did try to post a link in your Comments, but although I can paste the address of my post, I can’t see how to create a link to it. I am a bear of very little brain.

      • If you copy and paste the address of this post into the comments then it should work fine. Give it a go and let me know once it is done. I’ll then check it for you.

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