Tuesday Photo Challenge: Connect

Frank’s theme for his Tuesday Photo Challenge this week is ‘Connect’: a poignant topic in the current times.

This image was taken from a hill on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Look carefully and you can see all three of the bridges that connect Edinburgh to the Kingdom of Fife.

Oh, and that white thing in the air on the left is an aeroplane. Remember them?

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Connect

6 Comments on “Tuesday Photo Challenge: Connect

  1. Oh man, Historic note here. I drove past our major airport a few days ago , one plane. That’s it, one. Beautiful photo. Donna

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    • Thanks, but it isn’t the Viaduc de Millau. It’s the new Queen Elizabeth road crossing over the Firth of Forth, viewed from the Edinburgh side. The red bridge on the right is the truly awesome Forth Rail Bridge: they definitely don’t make them like that anymore.

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