‘This Is The Place’

The Fun Foto theme for this week is a particularly interesting one: ‘future nostalgic’. For this, we are invited to select an image from our archives that we knew when we captured it we would enjoy looking at again in the future.

So here is the very first time we laid eyes on the house where we have now lived for over nine years. This was back in October 2004. We followed the agent (pictured on the right) in our own car and turned the little corner off the ‘main’ road through the hamlet that we call Tranquility Base.

Madame ‘got it’ straight away. I just saw a tumbledown money pit. It turned out we were both right, but now neither of us would want to live anywhere else.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Future Nostalgic

5 Comments on “‘This Is The Place’

    • It was definitely here in its current configuration in 1826 but it had been altered before then. Our best guess is that it originated some time mid-1700s or perhaps even earlier. Unfortunately all the pre-1826 records were lost in WWII.

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  2. This old house is so cool! I think these centuries old houses appeal to us Americans especially, since we have few buildings that old! The photo reminds me of the farmhouse my family rented in Normandy, France, a couple of years ago!

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