Classic Citroen

A beautifully restored classic Citroën car, certainly more than 50 years old, displayed at the annual Lesterps exhibition of vintage cars and agricultural equipment. The clouds reflected in the glossy bodywork, give an extra dimension to the image, while the dappled sunshine on the ground behind adds depth.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Older Than Fifty Years


5 Comments on “Classic Citroen

    • I have an abiding memory of this particular model featuring in a TV serial (‘Last Man Out’?) of the early sixties in which Patrick Cargill played a Gestapo officer, clad in a full-length leather overcoat, who would leap off the running-board before the vehicle stopped. Very cool when you’re only 10.

      • Must have been! Amazing how instant image of p cargill’s crumpled visage leapt to my mind! My fantasy car probably a Citroen DS. Regards Thom

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