Architectural Incongruity

I was struck by the incongruity of the balcony plonked in the middle of this house in the village of Lesterps.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Buildings

The two arches

Cee’s fun Foto Challenge theme has moved onto ‘two’ this week.

This pair of arches are part of the church in the nearby village of Lesterps. Nothing to do with McDonalds

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Two

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

This slightly blown rose was standing all alone in the nearby village of Lesterps and for some reason which I cannot now remember I was unable to get very close to it for a conventional sharp flower image.

However, by cropping as I have and retaining some of the blurred, out-of-focus background (reinforced by a little vignetting and dehazing in Lightroom) I think it stands out at least as well as it would have done if it filled the whole frame.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Thursday Doors: Lesterps (Part 2)

For the second instalment of doors from the village of Lesterps, we’re going a bit downmarket, beginning with this gloriously ramshackle garden shed…


…which doesn’t look much better from the side:


This one is in slightly better condition…


…and this one’s positively pristine:


But this is just a fire hazard:


Here’s my favourite though. Probably the most pointless door in the world. Not only is it a doorway with no walls on either side, but it’s open. It must be (fanfare) the 2016 Ramshackle Door of The Year.


Thursday Doors 29 December 2016

Thursday Doors: Lesterps (Part 1)

Lesterps is yet another of those charming old villages that surround Tranquility Base at a distance of an approximately twenty-minute drive. It’s best known for its  very large 11th century church (more specifically, it’s an Abbatiale, which means there must once have been an Abbey there), which dominates the village, to the extent that it’s virtually impossible to get a proper photograph of the whole edifice. The image from Google Earth at the bottom of this post gives some idea of its relative scale.

This is the main door:


and this is one of three substantial archways, which I think qualify as doors for this purpose:


This walled up doorway on a building just acrooss the road from the church could well be a remnant of the accommodation of the monks who must once have lived here:


Elsewhere, this house (also opposite the church), with its massive beam, looks like it might once have been a byre, housing livestock:


We visited Lesterps last weekend for the Marché de Noel, so here’s something in the Christmas spirit. You’re welcome.


And this is quite possibly the smallest door in the entire commune. It’s at about head height but it certainly doesn’t look like a shutter, and I can’t imagine it’s the meter cupboard:


Next time, more from Lesterps – including some very strong contenders for Ramshackle Door of the Year.

Thursday Doors 22 December 2016

PS here’s that screenshot from Google Earth:


Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

This motley collection of rusty washers and other miscellaneous bits and pieces (presumably spares) was seen at a vide grenier (car boot sale) in the village of Lesterps. Who buys this stuff?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

Tractor tyres

I see that the topic of ‘wheels’ has come around again (as it were) in this week’s Black & White challenge. The annual cavalcade of vintage agricultural vehicles at Lesterps guarantees plenty of interesting wheels.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Wheels


Until well into the last century, the ‘ default’ footwear in rural France was wooden clogs, made by the local ‘sabotier’ (the French word for clog is ‘sabot’ – from which the word ‘saboteur’ is also derived). Indeed, part of our house was once the local sabotier’s workshop, as shown in the second image at the bottom of this post.

Nowadays, clogs are mainly used for decorative purposes (we have a couple of old pairs ourselves), but they are still used by a local traditional dance troupe, as shown in this image.


(On this occasion I decided to use a sepia tone as it seems more in keeping with the ‘retro’ subject)

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Hands, Feet or Paws

– – – – – – – – – – – – 

This room is now our entrance hall. It’s been done up a bit since this was taken.

Classic Citroen

A beautifully restored classic Citroën car, certainly more than 50 years old, displayed at the annual Lesterps exhibition of vintage cars and agricultural equipment. The clouds reflected in the glossy bodywork, give an extra dimension to the image, while the dappled sunshine on the ground behind adds depth.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Older Than Fifty Years


Across the fields

A view of the nearby village of Lesterps on a suitably overcast, monochrome kind of day.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Houses.