Thursday Doors: Lesterps (Part 1)

Lesterps is yet another of those charming old villages that surround Tranquility Base at a distance of an approximately twenty-minute drive. It’s best known for its  very large 11th century church (more specifically, it’s an Abbatiale, which means there must once have been an Abbey there), which dominates the village, to the extent that it’s virtually impossible to get a proper photograph of the whole edifice. The image from Google Earth at the bottom of this post gives some idea of its relative scale.

This is the main door:


and this is one of three substantial archways, which I think qualify as doors for this purpose:


This walled up doorway on a building just acrooss the road from the church could well be a remnant of the accommodation of the monks who must once have lived here:


Elsewhere, this house (also opposite the church), with its massive beam, looks like it might once have been a byre, housing livestock:


We visited Lesterps last weekend for the Marché de Noel, so here’s something in the Christmas spirit. You’re welcome.


And this is quite possibly the smallest door in the entire commune. It’s at about head height but it certainly doesn’t look like a shutter, and I can’t imagine it’s the meter cupboard:


Next time, more from Lesterps – including some very strong contenders for Ramshackle Door of the Year.

Thursday Doors 22 December 2016

PS here’s that screenshot from Google Earth:


9 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Lesterps (Part 1)

  1. The festive shot made me smile. Thanks for including the Google shot. It really gives perspective to the entire area. The buildings are so sturdy that it’s no wonder they’ve stood for so long.


  2. Wonderful – from the arches to the stone to that small cool door !
    Happy new year – and thanks for sharing this cool place 😉

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