Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 15 – Under

I’m afraid I can’t remember what this particular species of monkey is called (marmoset?), but I do know I took this photograph of one peering out from undera plastic sheet at the Vallée des Singes (‘Monkey Valley’) nature park in the Vienne département of France.


Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 15

3 Comments on “Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 15 – Under

  1. I think your monkey is a golden lion tamarind. The name has been stuck at the back of my mind since a childhood visit to our nearest zoo. Signs explained that this species was being protected in captivity because its forest habitat was being destroyed in the wild. The little face in the extraordinary mane struck me as terribly sad and stayed with me as an early lesson in ecology. Forty five years later the species is still endangered, but still hanging on in the forests of Brazil and the zoos of the world.

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