Tuesday Photo Challenge: Comfort

Frank’s theme for his Tuesday Photo Challenge is ‘comfort’. The idea of comfort can be either physical or mental of course or – in this image from the Vallée des Singes of a baby gorilla taking a ride on its mother’s back – very probably both.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Comfort

Macro Moments Week 31 – Capucins

‘Baby animals’ is the theme for this week’s macro moments challenge hosted by Sue at Musin’ With Susan. Here, a baby Capucin monkey stays close to its mother at the Vallée des Singes wildlife park:


Macro Moments Week 31

The Boxer

This Bonobo monkey at Valleé des Singes looks like it’s squaring up to the knotted rope:


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Animals

Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 15 – Under

I’m afraid I can’t remember what this particular species of monkey is called (marmoset?), but I do know I took this photograph of one peering out from undera plastic sheet at the Vallée des Singes (‘Monkey Valley’) nature park in the Vienne département of France.


Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 15


A silverback gorilla at Vallée des Singes, Vienne (not a selfie).


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Three photographs with a recurring theme, taken at the Vallee des Singes, in the Vienne departement.

The one of the Capucins has already been featured, with others, in another post over on my other blog.