Mmmm….birthday cake

Grandma’s birthday cakes always go down well…

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: A sense of tasting

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Anticipation

My grandson was eagerly anticipating getting a piece of his first birthday cake.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Anticipation

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Birthday

Frank has set the theme of ‘Birthday’ for this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge and invites us to take creative licence with the subject.

So naturally I am taking it absolutely literally, with this image of one of our twin grandsons on the actual day of his birth. They were very premature  and very small, as you can see. They spent a good few weeks in intensive care before they were allowed home. You should see them now, though, eleven years later.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Birthday

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet

As any football fan knows, the World Cup is taking place this summer. Four years ago, during the previous one, Madame made an appropriate cake for our twin grandsons’ seventh birthday.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

It’s something of a family tradition that Madame – whose talents are limitless and certainly extend to cake-decorating – makes birthday cakes for our twin grandsons.  For their third birthday, they wanted trains and so she came up with these, intricately decorated with sliced up Liquorice Allsorts (those that managed to escape my evil clutches), Smarties and fruit gums. Naughty but nice.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny


Four images that demonstrate the theme of perspective for Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge this week:


This detail of an old dhow drawn up on the waterfront in Abu Dhabi contrasts with the modern skyscrapers in the background.


Still in Abu Dhabi, this aircraft was flying over the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque when I happened to be there.


The red and white striped windsock at the Blond airstrip is a striking image in itself, but so is the drone behind it.


From a photographic perspective you can debate whether it’s the baby or the cake that’s the subject of this picture, but there’s only one subject that my grandson was interested in on his first birthday.

Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Perspective