52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 18 – Freedom

This week’s theme of ‘Freedom’ is encapsulated, I think, in this image of my grandson on a zipline in the play area of the Beecraigs Country Park just outside Linlithgow in Scotland. He was happy to be doing it and I was happy that my attempt at a panning shot, blurring the background (a little), kind of worked.


52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 18 – Freedom

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 17 – Laughter

‘Laughter’ is the theme for this week’s challenge hosted by The Girl That Dreams Awake.

A game of peek-a-boo is guaranteed to produce laughter in a two year old. This photograph of one of my grandsons comes with free reflection.



Tuesdays of Texture: Quilt

Last year, as a wedding present for our son and (now) daughter-in-law, Madame made a king-sized bed quilt, with most of the stitching done by her own fair hands. It took close to a full year to complete, and the last Swarovski crystal being stitched on just two days before the wedding. This is a work-in-progress image.


Tuesdays of Texture

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 13 – Face

Hard to believe that we’re now a quarter of the way through the 52 Weeks Photo Challenge (I think you’ll find that last week’s ‘Street’ was – correctly – tagged as Week 12) hosted by The Girl That Dreams Awake.

This week’s subject is ‘Face’, and who doesn’t have lots of images to choose from to respond to that?

Taken a few years ago, this is one of my grandsons sufficiently intrigued by the camera pointing at him to pause briefly from splashing around in his Pirate Boat paddling pool to stare right down the lens, just like a pro.


52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Face

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future

When I saw that this week’s topic was ‘Future’, I knew exactly which image I wanted to use. Unfortunately, I didn’t take it (my son did) and nor do I have a copy in my library. However, the immensely talented Madame made a wall-hanging based on it, which now sits over our stairs. Here is my photograph of that:


It shows our twin grandsons taking their first unaccompanied walk together down the beach to the Arabian Gulf in Abu Dhabi. It always looked to me that they were heading off into the future.

I think I know why, too. When I was about their age now (eight), I remember a big – or so it seemed to me at the time – picture painted on the wall of the old Birkenhead Market. It showed a boy and a girl heading off down a path together towards a brightly shining sun: As I recall, it was actually an advert for childrens’ shoes and was captioned ‘The Highway To Health’. Anyway, the photo on the beach brought it back to me.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 18 – Sweet

I recently posted a photograph of one of my grandsons in blissful contemplation of a pain au chocolat. That was in response to a WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. Now, as I have twin grandsons, Hugh’s latest weekly challenge – Sweet – provides a perfect opportunity to redress the balance and post a photograph of my other grandson in equally blissful contemplation, this time of an ice-cream. Chocolate and pistachio: what’s not to like?



Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

As soon as I saw this week’s challenge, I knew exactly which image I wanted to use. From the windowsill in my grandsons’ bedroom:


Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet