Red, of course

What’s your favourite colour, Cee wants to know for her latest midweek challenge.

Easy. Red, of course.

CMMC 15 December 2021

52 Week Smartphone Challenge: 1 – Self-portrait

Khurt Williams at is starting a new 52 Week Smartphone Photography, and with the best of intentions I’ve decided to give it a go.

The topic for the first week is the intriguing one of taking a self-portrait “that tells us who you are, without actually showing your face.’

This photo was taken with my iPhone 7 (as I expect most future ones will be) and I think pretty much defines me.

Certainly it reveals where I spend a probably disproportionate part of my time: at my (distressingly untidy) desk. All the key elements are here:

  • the iPad from which I have to be surgically removed
  • my Mac desktop – open at my WordPress photo library, of course
  • various Grateful Dead paraphernalia
  • a pair of Bluetooth earphones
  • and a poster of the greatest football team in the history of all known universes.

52 Week Smartphone Challenge 1