Mont Blanc Collection

While I was working – and, obviously, getting paid far too much – in the parallel universe that is investment banking, I built up a nice little collection of Mont Blanc writing instruments. Although nowadays I only use the Rollerball (second from bottom) on a regular basis, I do occasionally break out that fantastic Meisterst├╝ck fountain pen (top of the image) and write like people used to.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pens

Macro Moments Challenge #39: Black & White

Macro Moments Challenge #39 looks for something in black & white; or something that is black and white. Either way, I think this fits the bill: a close-up of the characteristic top of one of my small collection (accumulated over a period of more than thirty years) of Mont Blanc Meisterstuck writing instruments.

Like most people, I imagine, my writing nowadays is usually done with a keyboard, but whenever the need or opportunity arises I still like to use an old-fashioned fountain pen. My absolute favourite is the big old Mont Blanc 149 that I bought in 1985. This is a smaller version, sitting in a mug on my desk.

Macro Moments Challenge #39: Black & White