Signs Of Life

There are many animal tracks to be seen in this part of the desert outside Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates.

CMMC 18 August 2021

Channeling King Canute

My grandson doing his King Canute impression here by trying to turn back the tide on the beach at St Andrews.

Result: predictable. But full marks for trying.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sand

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Sand

This week, Frank has chosen ‘sand’ as his Tuesday Challenge theme.

I think I can help you there. We lived in Abu Dhabi for ten years and were surrounded by the stuff.

This image, however, comes from the desert just outside the oasis town of Al Ain. It’s not that far from civilisation (witness the electricity pylons on the horizon), but the dunes seem to roll away endlessly in every direction. Note also the animal tracks.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Sand

The Ghaf Tree

In the desert outside Al Ain, in the United Arab Emirates, this single, isolated, ghaf tree somehow manages to flourish.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Isolated Subjects