I’ve been framed

I do still have a ‘proper’ camera – it’s in the title of this blog – but nowadays it only comes out for special excursions. Smartphone cameras are now so good for normal occasions, and much more convenient than lugging around an old-school full camera kit all the time.

This is yours truly, hiding behind my iPhone 12.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Cameras and Photographers

52 Week Smartphone Challenge: 52 Self-Portrait

Well, we made it. All 52 of the Smartphone Challenges. Although I was naturally reluctant to meet the final brief – a self-portrait “that shows us who others think you are”.

Anyway, Madame thinks that this is a nice picture of me and frankly hers is the only opinion that carries much weight.

Now, that was fun wasn’t it? But what am I going to do next year?

52WeekSmartphoneChallenge: 52 Self-Portrait



52 Week Smartphone Challenge: 44 Viewpoint

Fun fact: nobody has ever had direct sight of the back of their own head: it requires a different viewpoint.

52WeekSmartphoneChallenge: 44 Viewpoint

52 Week Smartphone Challenge: 17 Balance

Week 17’s prompt reads as follows: “Balanced composition is pretty straightforward unless you are trying to shoot in the “Accidental Renaissance” style. So shoot a balanced image in the Accidental Renaissance style.”

I must be honest: I had to go away and look up ‘Accidental Renaissance’ when I read that. For the equally uninitiated, this gives a fair idea: ‘Renaissance artwork is instantly recognizable for characteristics like dramatic composition and a striking contrast between light and dark. Sometimes, these elements unexpectedly pop up in modern-day images.’

I’m not sure that this image really fulfils the brief, but the vignette is quite striking, and it’s nothing if not balanced. Of course it’s a selfie, but does that ornate masonry reinforcing rod makes me look like a little devil or an old goat?

I leave it to others to decide.*

* Oh. Apparently, ‘both’ is another option.

#52WeekSmartphoneChallenge 17

52 Weeks Photography Challenge: Week 3 – Self-Portrait

Week 3 of the 52 Weeks Photo Challenge being hosted by thegirlthatdreamsawake calls for a self-portrait.

Oh. This is not a topic I care for. At all.

In fact, I find it hard to think of anything worse, or anything I’m less interested in as a photographer. And don’t even get me started on selfie sticks, which I’ve railed against elsewhere.

However, since I like to see things through once I’ve started them, I’ll go along with it and hope for better things in Week 4.

So, courtesy of Apple’s Photo Booth app, here’s something:

52Week 3

Nothing to see here: move on.

52 Weeks Photography Challenge: Week 3

Venice, Schmenice, it’s all about me!

It takes a lot to move me to incandescent rage, but my encounters with the phenomenon of ‘selfie sticks’ when in Venice last year prompted me to this rant. And I have to say that time has proved to be no emollient.

As far as I can see, there is only one possible valid use for a selfie stick, and since science has already invented colonoscopes for that kind of thing, even that’s debatable.

But, if you want something in response to Cee’s latest Black & White challenge, here’s a photograph I took on Burano last October.