Thursday Doors: Bernard’s Barn

This is the door of the barn that belongs to my neighbour Bernard; it’s about 100 feet from my own front door.

Earlier this year, Bernard replaced the roof of this barn, which was in a very poor condition. As a result we were, for a couple of weeks, inundated by displaced barn spiders about the size of your fist.

Be that as it may, he left the door in its original state. I quite like the sapling growing in front of it, which adds some contrast.

Bernard's Barn

Thursday Doors 10th December 2015

12 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Bernard’s Barn

  1. Beautiful. I love the texture, the worn off whitewash paint, and especially all of the knot holes in the wood – that door is as authentic as they come šŸ™‚

    • It’s a very old barn and a very old door, but inside it he keeps a vehicle that looks like a cross between a dune buggy and a lunar exploration vehicle. He uses it to go off-road, hunting for mushrooms (don’t even bother asking where exactly).

  2. Fantastic door! The sapling just needs a red bow to be dressed for the season. Not liking the spiders though….

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